Selling Disruptive Technology: The Five Secrets to Bringing New Technology to the Market

When selling new, disruptive technology, you’re up against a number of challenges, even though what you offer upsets the game. Many entrepreneurial companies have brought extraordinary, world-changing technology to market yet failed because they ignored these five secrets. Read on to learn how you can successfully sell your new, disruptive technology.Have More than Enough Marketing and Sales BudgetEntrepreneurial companies invest millions in research and development and then budget a few thousand dollars to take it to market. And incredibly, investors think that this is a good idea.How many entrepreneurial companies have you seen that were woefully undercapitalized when it came time to market? Most of them?The ideal situation is to invest a third of your capital into technology development, a third in marketing, and a third in customer development. Many will argue with me on these ratios, yet more companies run out of gas because they’ve burned through the investment without returning a single dollar because they ignored the marketing and customer development budget.Why customer development? You’ll most likely have to teach your customers how to buy what you’re bringing to market. When marketing a new, disruptive technology, your target market won’t know what to search for on the Internet. You’ll have to capture adjacent searches and educate them on what you do and why it’s better for them.Other customer development tactics include public relations, magazine articles, trade shows, public speeches, educational videos, workshops and classes, and lots of one-on-one time with prospects. These require time, money, and as much attention as the technology development.If you don’t have a sizable war chest to go to market, you’re going to waste your technology investment. Sell what you have to a bigger company with a strong marketing department.Make Your Disruption Undeniably ValuableOften inventors believe that their technology has disruptive characteristics but the market doesn’t see the value to the disruption.For example, the QWERTY keyboard that you use with your computer and smart phone was designed to slow down typists so that the mechanical typewriter wouldn’t jam. You’d think that decades after we’ve moved beyond clattering typewriters that a better, more efficient human-to-machine interface would be in wide use. There is the Dvorak keyboard, radically improving typing speed and accuracy. The problem is that too many of us don’t want to take the time to learn a new typing style — we are just fine with how we do it now, thank you.The real disruptive human-to-machine technology is voice recognition and yet as good as it is (three times faster and more accurate than my typing) it’s not widely adopted because most people are trained to go from thought to fingers when composing content.Instead, your disruptive technology must be perceived as valuable enough to make customers want to make the change required to adopt your product. Ideally, the significance will be instantly obvious and compellingly convincing.Sometimes, what excites the tech team becomes totally lost on customers. You’ll figure out what grabs buyers by working with key customers and watching how they adopt, adapt, and use what you’re bringing to market. In addition, work with marketing professionals adept at researching and identifying key value propositions for your target markets.Target Early AdoptersApproach prospects with a propensity to purchase cutting edge technology. You can’t sell new ideas to those who are threatened by change. No matter how good you are, if they’re not motivate, they won’t say yes.Instead, find those who embrace change or will quickly recognize the value of adopting the technology.The most disruptive technologies solve age-old problems with elegant solutions. One of the best examples is GPS-based navigation units mean that men never again have to ask for directions or pretend that they’re not lost.So if you can help a professional solve a common problem in their field, expand their perceived expertise, or make their job faster and more accurate, you’ve got a winner. This is especially true when you can approach younger professionals who value those outcomes and aren’t afraid to challenge the status quo.You can identify early adopters by connecting with other companies who have recently been successful at a disruptive technology launch and approach their customers with your offering.Steady Focus on Vision, Value, and VolumeSelling disruptive technology requires that you have a clear and steady focus on your vision for the outcome that your customers enjoy when they buy. Clearly articulate what their life will be like when they fully embrace the technology and use it to full potential.Crisply communicate the value that they’ll enjoy in terms of time, money, energy, elegance, simplicity, and new outcomes that they can’t achieve now. What will they know that they don’t know now? What will they be able to do that they can’t do now? How will they feel that they haven’t felt before?Commit to creating the sales volume that you need to make your vision and investment pay off. This means executing highly-leveraged activities that create connections with prospects, influencers, and thought leaders. Conduct events that make lasting impressions and demand decisions.Any loss of focus from vision, value, and volume can doom a promising disruptive technology.Design Scalable Sales and Marketing ProcessesMany companies introducing disruptive technology hire a superstar for sales development but they can’t clone them to scale up. The company’s growth limits come from this rock star’s ability to find and close deals, further curtailed when asked to grow the team. If you’re relying on the art of sales and marketing, you won’t scale. There aren’t that many great artists in the field.Instead, design processes that present your promises to prospects, creating conversation and interest that leads to confidence and enthusiasm.Processes create repeatable outcomes: given a certain quality of input, you’ll enjoy a certain quality of output. Volume becomes a function of ramping up the input.Create marketing processes that identify and attract the type of people who want what you sell the instant that they know what you deliver.Develop sales processes that lead the prospect from having no idea about what you do to agreeing that they can’t live without your product.Next, hire people who have the right characteristics and will follow the processes to get the outcome you need. You don’t need lone wolves who have to do it their way. You don’t need people who put making the customer feel okay above challenging them to think a new, disruptive way. You need smart people who can follow the process and appreciate the success that it brings.Get HelpYou can accelerate these critical steps by getting help.

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Choosing the Right All Inclusive Travel Deals

People travel for numerous reasons. Either they serve a professional purpose or they are searching for places in which they can just relax and have fun. For that, they are always in the lookout for things that would make their travel experiences worthwhile. This is why convenience and budget are very much considered by any type of traveller. Luckily, there are now all inclusive travel deals being offered both online and offline. These are deals that you can check out when you are looking for service providers who can book and reserve an entire trip for you. But why should you really want all inclusive travel deals?One reason you should choose all inclusive travel deals is that they cut your expenses by a really wide margin. Definitely, the “all inclusive” phrase refers a lot to the amount of money you have to spend for your travels. Especially if you are travelling to a foreign land, you can expect to be charged with exorbitant fees and humongous bills. Local travels are just as expensive. Therefore, what you should look for are travel arrangements that will provide everything you need for the entire trip-fare, hotel, food, and local tripping among others.In this case, you need a travel agent who can make arrangements for your trip. If you consider it closely, you would find that the deals your agent offers are priced cheaper than when you spend on separate arrangements on your own. For example, a package of both the fare and the accommodations is a lot cheaper than if you buy a plane ticket and book a hotel separately. This may be brought by the fact that travel agencies have ties with other service providers. But surely, they can get arrangements done fast and cheap.Another reason you can have for choosing all inclusive travel deals is that you need not to worry about making separate arrangements to cover for everything that you will need for your trip. This goes very much like the first reason except that you refer more to the effort of arranging a trip than to the amount you will be spending. Truly, all inclusive travel deals lessen your TTDs (things-to-do) when planning a trip.Almost all travel agencies are reliable in this particular task. They enable you to come out with a scheduled flight, full hotel accommodation, and even a complete local itinerary before you even fly out to your destination. When you try to arrange for everything individually, you will have difficulties because service providers like airlines and hotels are not easily contacted. Further, you cannot book the trip on your preferred customized schedule-and this is very possible with the help of travel agents.Finally, if you are asking why you choose all inclusive travel deals, then you should understand that these arrangements would help you go to more places than you originally plan to be in. Well, if you consider how much time and money you are saving from one trip to another when you choose all inclusive travel deals, then you would know this last reason is very valid. After two or three trips, you would be surprised to know that you have saved a good enough sum for yet another travel.This is a perk of all inclusive travel deals that many people like because everyone loves a good travel experience. It broadens your mind and exposes you to different societies. Therefore, you need to choose travel deals that would help you plan more than a couple of travels without requiring you to pay for huge amounts.Ultimately, all inclusive travel deals are not only part of a bandwagon now. True, people are becoming more familiar with arranging travels especially those bound for other countries. This may be caused by the ever-encompassing Internet that allows for online arrangements of everything that you might need for a better travel experience. But at the end of the day, if you are really after the affordability and convenience of a trip, then going for all inclusive deals is the best decision to make. Just choose the right kind of travel deal and you are off to that escapade you have always dreamed of.

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Need Auto Insurance? Find Out How Here

It is mandatory for all new car owners to get auto insurance. The Road Traffic Act stipulates that all motorists should be insured against liability and it declares driving a car without a minimum level of insurance is illegal. The violation can attract severe civil and criminal penalties. This can be easily avoided by securing a proper auto insurance cover for your vehicle as per your state’s demands. It is quite a simple process.Nowadays, there is so much dependence on vehicles that the best thing to do is to follow all stipulated guidelines religiously. Getting the right auto insurance cover is one of them.What Is Auto Insurance All About?Auto Insurance simply means a contract or an agreement between an auto owner and an insurance company. Under this contract, premium is paid to the insurer and in return he pays for any car related losses as detailed in the policy.Key Legal RequirementsIn order to get an insurance cover for your vehicle, you would need to fulfill the following requirements. It’s advisable to find out the requirements in your respective state since these may vary. However, these are the broad requirements for auto insurance.Firstly, you should be in possession of a valid driver’s license before you go in for registration or insuring your car. For your license you would need to approach your local DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles). This is the primary requirement.You will also need to have an auto title. It is a legal certificate of ownership that confirms that you own the car. Most of the paperwork is already done when you purchase a gar from a dealer. Licensed dealers are needed to transfer the title of the car in your name. The title will list the owner’s name, address, make of the car, model and year of the car and the date of sale. This should be retained by you.Next, you need to get your car registered. You can apply for registration at the local DMV. The requirements may vary from state to state. In order to register your vehicle, you will require a valid driving license, signed certificate of title for the car, address of residence and proof of your insurance.The law also stipulates that that a vehicle more than three years old should have a valid MOT certificate. It is not possible to tax a vehicle without MOT and certificate of insurance and driving without them is an offence.It is also vital to keep the insurance company informed in case of any vehicle modifications and fixed penalties. Failing to do so is an offense and may affect any claim that you make.You are also legally obliged to take the basic level of auto insurance that will cover you against third party claims. Since the legal requirements for auto insurance vary from state to state, you will need to clarify the level of cover that you require while taking auto insurance. Only insuring the legal minimum isn’t necessarily the best choice to make.As a proof of your auto insurance, the company issues you the following documents – A Certificate of insurance which will also be required for buying your road tax; A cover note that will act as a temporary policy and certificate until your new insurance policy has been set up; and Policy documents which gives a detail of all that you are covered for. Read the documents carefully to understand your rights and obligations under the policy.Insurance companies have set up claim help lines and accident emergency recovery hotlines for ensuring a smoother process. In case of any ambiguity in terms of insurance or legal requirements, get your doubts cleared by talking to the company.

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